Turns out that Delilah Sanderson doesn’t exist. … Trust me, I tried. I even called her number. But while the phone was ringing, I realized that I was calling myself… Me, Marta Montour Thank you for following me.


My heart is a complex being. It is filled with, hopes, ambitions, Fears, stress, dreams, and love. It wants to take care and be cared for. But so far I don’t think I’m not caring for my heart as much as I am supposed to be. Should probably write an apology letter to it someContinue reading “Heart”


I am afraid of many things like: Never being loved Not being accepted Communists taking over Becoming homeless Not being creative enough Afraid to show who I am Being the stupidest person ever Not being motivated to do anything In short, I have probably mostly normal teenager fears that I’ll grow out of but still,Continue reading “Fears”

Hope Lives

Excerpt from wandering traveler’s diary Date: March 3, 3099 Things are getting bleak. It’s been awhile since I found ammo or had any decent human interaction. Most of the people I meet are scared and refuse to be acquainted with me. Naturally, that’s obvious, given that I do travel alone and keep on encountering andContinue reading “Hope Lives”

Story Concept

The Dragon Lord glared down at the small, yet brave maiden who was confronting him, wondering how such a tiny creature could have such guts to stare him down. “Foolish mortal. Do you know who I am? I am the great Dragon Lord. I have leveled cities, moved mountains, made the brave timid, made theContinue reading “Story Concept”

Why I Care

Why should I care When you are gone When the autumn leaves Start to fall While car doors slam and moving trucks, filled to the brim, Pull out of the driveway Never to be seen again Why should I care about you again When seasons change, and people change And time never stops for noContinue reading “Why I Care”


My childhood was low-key. I was content doing my own thing, watch Ducktales on DVD, play Animal Crossing or Mario Kart on the Gamecube, play with Barbies. But sometimes I wonder if that makes me boring. I always felt different when I was younger, heck, I still do now, when other kids would do sportsContinue reading “Crayons”


We are not robots because we feel, we do not follow rules because we are not programmed to do specific things and we get to choose our own future. Robots only do what they are told to, and not think for themselves. They are not taught to break the mold, or think outside the box.Continue reading “Robots”


Welcome to my blog! Here I will post whatever drabbles pop into my head and publish them so that everyone can read them to be inspired or to potentially comment on them to help improve them. I can not wait to start writing and getting to know you all!!!


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