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Turns out that Delilah Sanderson doesn’t exist. … Trust me, I tried. I even called her number. But while the phone was ringing, I realized that I was calling myself… Me, Marta Montour Thank you for following me.


My heart is a complex being. It is filled with, hopes, ambitions, Fears, stress, dreams, and love. It wants to take care and be cared for. But so far I don’t think I’m not caring for my heart as much as I am supposed to be. Should probably write an apology letter to it someContinue reading “Heart”


I am afraid of many things like: Never being loved Not being accepted Communists taking over Becoming homeless Not being creative enough Afraid to show who I am Being the stupidest person ever Not being motivated to do anything In short, I have probably mostly normal teenager fears that I’ll grow out of but still,Continue reading “Fears”

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